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With base in India, Identity Apps focuses on producing the highest quality solutions with the most economically viable and attractive pricing. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with; Very high quality, Astonishing value, Fast execution, More flexibility Our work is our promise. We always say what we mean and we always mean what we say.

Our Workflow and Process

For each project we undertake, the first step we take is to define the project scope. On receipt of any order, a team is assigned to your project and they will first gather the necessary requirements based on the form you have filled in. The team will then prepare a functional design, specifications and delivery, as well as cost estimates. The next step is to begin the development process after which the software will be subjected to serious scrutiny before it is delivered.

Our Development Team

Our team consists of dynamic individuals from different works of life with years of experience in the IT industry. Every member is passionate about developing world-class software. This is why we have developed a work ethic that accommodates constant improvement and learning. You will find every member of our team friendly and open-minded. We are always ready to take into consideration your inputs and ideas in order to achieve a final result that will be efficient and meets all of your needs.


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